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When I was growing up, I was skinny.

I was always a head taller than anyone my age, including the boys, but I was proud of being thin. It almost made up for being too tall.

Everyone in my family was heavy. I flaunted my thinness in front of them. I could eat anything I wanted, anytime I wanted.

My metabolism was so high that I would sneak food from my purse to keep my stomach from growling during class when I was in high school. I would choose my schedule to have an early lunch so I could eat…

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I started college in 1977. Since I grew up in a pretty conservative town in the South, the only people I knew back then who had a tattoo were sailors.

Ok, I think my cousin had one, but I don’t think he was ever a sailor. So I guess “good ole” country boys get tattoos too.

So I decided to go to Berry College, located in Rome, Georgia. Talk about conservative!

It didn’t take long for the word to spread among the 2000 students based at this school that a freshman girl had a tattoo!

Wow! It was big news…

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Some of us have been with our husbands for a long time. In my case, it’s 29 years. After a while, couples fall into a routine. You understand each other. You feel annoyed occasionally, but you learn to roll your eyes and get over it. After all, you do love him. Remember you said you loved him on that special day when you said for better or worse.

Still, over time you began to notice that things change a little as we get older. Sometimes the changes are good. Maybe your husband is more willing to pick up after himself…

I am a wife, a mother of two sons, a sister, a daughter, and a retired teacher. I’m finally fulfilling my lifelong dream of writing. I don’t know if I’m any good or not; I know that it brings me joy to tell a story.

I keep wondering if anyone is listening to my stories, but it doesn’t matter; I’m going to keep writing them.

I was the caboose baby born long after my brother and sisters. They were gone and grown long before I was. I spent a lot of time as a child alone reading books. …

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I’ve never been a confident person. I’m not sure why. Some people seem to be born with confidence, and some people develop it as they go. It doesn’t take much to make me doubt myself.

My good friend has the confidence to let other people’s negativity roll off of her back. So I asked her how she learned to do that.

She told me that her mother used to tell her that she could do anything she wanted to do in life.

My friend has gone on to fulfill her mother’s legacy. She’s a successful, confident person. She doesn’t have…

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According to my research, almost fifty percent of first marriages end in divorce. This percentage goes up to sixty percent for second marriages and seventy-three percent for a third marriage.

My first marriage ended after only nine months. True to the old adage, there is no wrath like a woman scorned; I drug out the divorce for six months. I made it as difficult for my ex-husband as I could.

Looking back, I don’t know why I did that. There was no point. I didn’t love my ex anymore than he loved me. …

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It’s all over the news and the late-night shows. According to The Week, Nicki Minaj’s shared the story of her cousin’s friend who was dumped at the altar because his balls were swollen from getting the Covid vaccine. Now he is impotent.

Nicki’s explanation on Twitter has set the world on fire after she explained this concern as a reason for not having her vaccine. Apparently, attendees at the Met Gala were required to be vaccinated and wear a mask unless they were eating and drinking.

From Jimmy Fallon to Seth Meyers to CNN, the news is all a buzz…

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They say that every family has its skeletons.

When I married my husband almost thirty years ago, his family was not receptive to me at all. That is putting things mildly. But, I will say that his parents didn’t hold back their feelings. Instead, they let me know right up front how they felt.

Looking back, I appreciate their honesty. It’s better to know your enemies than to find out in a surprise attack.

After not finding a friendly face among my husband’s parents and brother, I tried to reach out to his cousin. …

Ruby Lee

Mother, Wife, Teacher, Librarian, Teller of Stories. Author of The Marriage Wars by Leeanne Beasley Berry

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