I’m officially a Blue-haired old lady

I am a wife, a mother of two sons, a sister, a daughter, and a retired teacher. I’m finally fulfilling my lifelong dream of writing. I don’t know if I’m any good or not; I know that it brings me joy to tell a story.

I keep wondering if anyone is listening to my stories, but it doesn’t matter; I’m going to keep writing them.

I was the caboose baby born long after my brother and sisters. They were gone and grown long before I was. I spent a lot of time as a child alone reading books. …

Every week was Teacher Appreciation Week

Once a Miller Rocket always a Miller Rocket Picture from my personal files

It’s hard to believe that I have now been retired from teaching for eight years. I worked in education for thirty-two years of my life. Like all professions, it has its ups and downs.

There were so many days that I would walk out of school and say that I had had a Wendy’s day. That meant that I had thoughts of quitting teaching on that particular day and taking a job flipping hamburgers at Wendy’s.

Fortunately, I never did that because I loved my job, and I loved my kids. There were so many funny things that happened when…

The trials of parenting a teen

I swear he’s the last one: I really mean it this time

Photo by Gabriel Meinert on Unsplash

From the bottom of his expensively sneakered foot to the top of his scowling face, he reminds me that I am a failure as a parent. I’ve been down this path three times before. He is the fourth teen to live in my house.

Parenting a teen is a special kind of hell. With every slam of a door, he reminds me that if teens came into the world ahead of babies, the human population would become extinct.

There are those dreaded words, “Hey, mom.” I cringe. I know what’s next. Spoiler alert: He’s not going to say, “I love…

It’s also a day my son will never forget, but it’s not what you think!

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

It was a Friday afternoon. I waited in the car pick up line in front of the high school. My 16-year-old son was due to get out of school at any moment. The final bell rang, and students streamed out of the high school. My son was not among them. Frustrated, I called him. He would often sneak off to the parking lot to talk to his friends and leave me to wait. That would turn out to not be the case this time.

He answers the phone and tells me that he and a friend were hiding behind the…

Tales from a Starburst spitting middle school teacher…

Bless that poor students’ heart!

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Count down till school starts. It’s year seven without me. I retired after 32 years. It was a good run but I’m all “runned” out. I have a drawer full of funny stories. Here is one of my favorites.

You know teachers keep candy in their drawers. The purpose supposedly is to reward students but I confess the person who gets rewarded the most is the teacher. I can claim this habit along with pre-Michelle Obama school lunches for the beginning of my weight gain.

So in…

A week ago, my premonition came true

Photo by Gérôme Bruneau on Unsplash

It was just an old worn-out SUV. The Chevy Traverse had faithfully taken my family from Georgia to Maine and back again. It had taken my sisters and me on many trips to visit family in Tennessee. My husband finally wore it out, driving his 200 miles daily round trip to his new job in Atlanta.

We bought my husband a zippy little commuter car, and now the SUV languished in the yard. It did come in handy when my son’s car was totaled, and he needed transportation. …

Ten ways parents can make a big difference!

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The new school year is starting soon. As a result, many school districts are allowing students to return to the regular in-person classroom environment.

Many parents are relieved because they have discovered after a year of involuntary homeschooling that being a teacher is not the easiest thing in the world.

Even though regular school will be in session, parents still play a big part in their children’s education. One or both parents need to be involved. Here are some things that can make the school year go much better for you and your child.

1. Make contact with the teacher

How could God take my beautiful sister like that!

picture from my files

My brother-in-law’s voice came in over the blue tooth in my car.

“Have you heard about your sister?”

“No,” I answer, confused. My brother-in-law didn’t usually call me.

“The sheriff’s department texted Aaron (her grandson) and told him that she was dead.”

In the background of the call, I could hear a sheriff’s deputy speaking to my brother-in-law. The phone went dead.

Frantic for answers, I called my niece.

She screams into the phone, “My mama is dead!”

I didn’t believe it. I just talked to my sister the night before on the phone for over an hour. She was…

How one high school boy defied peer pressure and refused to participate in a boycott

Photo by Steve Harrris on Unsplash

Peer pressure is something that we all face at some time or other in our lives. It’s particularly rampant in high school when many students will follow the crowd just to fit in. Or maybe they do it because they are scared.

Now my husband was not one to follow the crowd. He attended a different school than I did. His school was more rural, so he knew everyone. He was a great student, and he enjoyed playing the saxophone in the marching band. When my husband was still in junior high, he took private lessons from the band director…

I still love the water, but no dunking, please!

Photo by Rendy Novantino on Unsplash

Summer Fun in Georgia means cooling off in a swimming pool. So when the temperatures hit the high 90s, there’s no better place to be than swimming with your friends.

I could use the word “friend” pretty loosely here. It was one of those relationships orchestrated through our mothers. They were friends, so they thought that their daughters should be friends. No one my age lived in my neighborhood, so my mother thought it was the perfect solution to throw the two of us together.

It worked after a fashion. Our two families went on a cruise together and did…

Ruby Lee

Mother, Wife, Teacher, Librarian, Teller of Stories. Author of The Marriage Wars by Leeanne Beasley Berry

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